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An ex-pat Scot living in London, former teacher and business consultant, in EX SITU  M.E.Muir shares her concern about the environment with her fascination for the external world and the language we use to talk about it. “EX SITU” is M.E.Muir’s first poetry collection.

Praise for “EX SITU”:

“Sensuous and intelligent poetry to be read over and over again”
Louis de Bernieres

To purchase a signed copy of ‘Ex Situ’ direct from the author please send M. E. Muir a message via her contact form here, to request payment details. Books will be £10.00 with free UK postage.

Otherwise, you can buy direct from Dempsey And Windle Publishing here.

“It takes words to make a poem and Mary Muir has a bagful of them at her disposal. Some are technical and derive from geology and science, some derive from her love of nature, particular trees and their names, some from her travels and some from a life lived in London and Scotland and the fears and concerns we share living here in Britain. But, to adapt a famous line from Eric Morecambe, words are important but the poet has to put them in the right order. And in poem after poem Mary Muir does this with eloquence, precision and hidden passion. Just read In the Grounds of the Yildiz Palace, Istanbul or Volcanoes Due and you will see what I mean.”

​Ian Dunlop

(Ian Dunlop’s published works include a collection of poems, The Urban Fox (2016 and 2019.) His first published work was The Shock of the New, 1972.)

M E Muir…brings London’s cityscape to life, finds the pockets of nature and orchestrates the cacophony of sound from weeds and creatures alike. If Muir exists ‘now only a lunar moment’, at least we have had the pleasure of seeing through her eyes first, riding through the starlight with her.”

Isabelle Kenyon,
Managing Director of Fly on the Wall Press

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