Some Previously Published Work

October 2020 ‘EX SITU‘ Poetry Collection. Published by Dempsey and Windle Publishing. ISBN 978-1-913329-18-1, 84 pages

July 2020, ‘My Mother the Sun‘ Published in The Poetry Village

July 2020 ‘Spring’ poem of the week along with ‘River Calls Us’ Published by Dempsey & Windle Newsletter

July 2020 ‘Wordhaul – Porterage’ Published on Morphrog

May 2020 ‘Poison‘ Published on Porridge Magazine

January – March 2020 (issue38) Indigo Dreams Publishing Magazine Dawntreader
‘Eclipse’ (issue39), Tanka (issue 41) 1.18 ‘I grow in the tree’ & ‘Tilia Lime Tree’, 1.19 My ‘International Family of Trees’, ‘Flaming Yellow’
Salt, Sand, Skin, Seven Sunsets’ Published in Reach Magazine

December 2019 ‘Prog Rock and the Language of Noise’ Published in The Poetry Village

October 2019 ‘The News from Italy‘ Published on Ink. Sweat and Tears Themed ‘Truth’ for National Poetry Day

June 2019 ‘Identity’ Published in The Poetry Village

June 2019 ‘Energy Deflected’, ‘Silence’, ‘Alma Tadema’ & ‘Ahoy Ocean’ Published on Morphrog

February 2019 ‘Transformation‘ Published on The London Grip

January 2019 ‘AIR II and The Culture of Bus Stops‘ Published on Morphrog

January 2019 ‘Listen to Science Talking Light’ Published by PORRIDGE Magazine

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